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Karla Freeman is a storyteller,  workshop facilitatior, consultant and coach. In her hands, storytelling can be transformative, entertaining, and just plain fun. Karla brings audiences into mythic worlds and weaves universal themes into her original stories. 

Her many years in performance and healing work lends depth as humor and wisdom come through her words.

Performance and workshops

Performances are given at storytelling events, festivals, conferences, and small, intimate settings. Actually, any setting large or small will do.

Karla facilitates storytelling workshops  offered to groups worldwide. 

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About Us

About Our Venue

Storytelling as a traveling storyteller, Karla comes to you. Or, if you want to come to events in your area you can see her calendar. If your imagination goes beyond these possibilities, we can explore your wishes.

Karla can be your keynote storyteller for clubs, conferences, festivals or customize for your group.

A Variety of Events

Shows include: CrossRoads: a mermaid's tail, Tango Journeys, My father had Alzheimers, Listen to the Swami.

For more information, please contact us.

Private Events

You plan the event and invite the audience, pick the show. You are in charge   of the size, the place and the type of experience.



Cuenca, Ecuador 

January 25, 2018

House event

CrossRoads: A mermaid's tail

Forest Row, England

March 18-23,  2018

Next Steps: storyteller workshop

with Ashley Ramsden

She is will be in Europe for the spring, and summer. 

No upcoming events.


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